Research Plan 2020-21

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Research Plan 2020-2021


Detailed in this table is the full range of RGF funded research projects currently underway, upcoming or completed for the 2020-2021 period.







NSW Youth Gambling Study

This commissioned research examined youth gambling prevalence and attitudes, the migration from gaming to gambling and the impact of advertising and normalisation (especially in sport) on young people. It included a literature review, focus groups and population-based survey with young people aged 12 to 17 years in NSW.


July 2019

Completed January 2021

Read the research report

NSW Young Gambling Study – Stage Two

This research will build on the NSW Youth Gambling Study.


June 2021

February 2022

Exploring the changing landscape of gambling in childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood

This cohort study of young adults explored how the changing environment of gambling; including the advent of social casino games, esports betting, skins gambling, loot boxes and daily fantasy sports (DFS); might influence gambling involvement and gambling harm.


June 2019

Completed July 2020

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Family member treatments: Systematic review and content analysis across addictions

A systematic review of treatment efficacy and content across the addictions to inform treatments for problem gambling family members.

Deakin University

July 2019

Completed October 2020

Read the research report

RCT comparing face-to-face with online self-directed and a combined model of gambling treatment

This research will compare outcomes and cost effectiveness of newer online self-directed (OSD) treatment, as well as a combined model of OSD and face to face treatment, with solely face-to-face counselling treatments.

The University of Sydney

Sep 2019

Dec 2022

Impact of electronic gaming machine late-night play of EGM player behaviour

This study aims to build upon available research to provide rigorous understanding of the impact of late-night EGMplayon at-risk (moderate-risk and problem gamblers) gamblers would provide information to decide if reducing additional opportunities for late-night play could be a harm minimisation strategy.


March 2021

August 2021

Smartphone betting on sports, esports and daily-fantasy sports amongst young people

This research will investigate how the distinctive structural and situational characteristics of mobile technologies impact on betting behaviour, gambling problems and harm amongst young people. Methods comprise interviews, discrete-choice experiment, and ecological-momentary-assessments.


Jan 2020

Dec 2021

Early identification of gambling comorbidity in a hospital setting

This is a multi-site research project in South West Sydney. It includes a systematic review and empirical field research to determine the prevalence of gambling comorbidity among people presenting to hospital with substance use or psychiatric problems, as well as the awareness and openness of hospital staff to assessing gambling comorbidity.

Western Sydney University

July 2019

Nov 2021

Development and RCT of safe gambling guidelines for EGM play

This research project includes a survey to develop safe gambling guidelines to people wanting to reduce their EGM gambling. The efficacy of the guidelines will then be tested through a randomised-control-trial.


Jan 2020

Dec 2021

Culturally responsive framework to address problem gambling behaviours

This research project will utilise action research principles to deliver a practical framework for mainstream services to assist in delivering culturally responsive support to CALD people with problem gambling behaviour.The project will draw upon the insights generated by an expert steering group to increase relevance and applicability to practice.

Western Sydney Community Forum

Oct 2019

April 2021

RGF contributes to Gambling Research Australia projects

A range of studies are currently supported by the RGF.

Interactive Gambling Australia

Behavioural Trial 1 to support the National Consumer Protection Framework – consistent gambling messaging

Behavioural Trial 2 to support the National Consumer Protection Framework – Voluntary opt-out pre-commitment

Sports data project

Direct and affiliate wagering marketing of online betting service providers.



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