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Request for Proposal now open for GambleAware Aboriginal Service
Latest Office of Responsible Gambling conferences, seminars and events to raise awareness of responsible gambling in NSW and help everyone be more GambleAware.
NSW Youth Gambling Survey 2020. Summary. Published research report funded through the NSW Responsible Gambling Fund.
Check out the above and beyond guidelines for managers of venues where there’s gambling. Fulfil legal obligations and duty of care to your patrons and staff.
NSW Government launches multicultural gambling awareness campaign
If you feel threatened or unsafe due to another person’s gambling, or you’re concerned about the welfare of your family or children, support is available.
Stop gambling websites and advertising from popping up when you’re online. Adjust security and advertising settings on browsers, social media and websites.
Ads and sports betting promotion may normalise gambling for children and young people, but the biggest influence is the adults close to them, especially parents.
Read the reports of the most recently completed research projects that have received grant funding support from the NSW Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF).
We commission a lot of research so we can learn as much as possible about gambling in NSW. Find out how we decide which research gets the funding
GambleAware acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of the land and we pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging. GambleAware is an inclusive support service.
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