Effect Of Gambling Advertising On Children And Teenagers

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How much do young people gamble?

A young man and young woman on their computers Gambling among young people is common. The NSW Youth Gambling Study conducted in 2020 found that almost 30% of kids aged 12 to 17 had gambled in the past year, and they first gambled when they were 11 or 12. 3% to 4% have a gambling problem or are at risk – that’s one kid in every classroom. Could that kid be you or someone you know?

Young people and gambling advertising

We know that in NSW, 4 out of 5 people worry that children and young people see too much gambling advertising (2020 Community Awareness and Attitudes survey). The NSW Youth Gambling Study 2020 showed that young people are exposed to gambling advertising on TV during sports and racing events, and many see these ads every week. They also see gambling promoted through:

  • social media
  • online ads and promotions
  • gambling websites and apps
  • billboards and other public advertising
  • sports-betting sponsorships on uniforms and sportsgrounds.

This advertising works. The study confirmed that young people being exposed to gambling advertising, and thinking more positively about gambling because of advertising, were associated with their “participation, intentions and problems” with gambling.

What young people think about gambling

Hear it direct from young people themselves. We talked to a group of high school students about how they felt about gambling and the increase of gambling advertising in the media.

Video games and young people 

Video games seem fun and harmless, but there’s a link between gaming and gambling. 40% of young people play games that include gambling.

How common is youth gambling? 

Are you worried how video games, gaming and gambling may be affecting your child? Find out how you can make a difference to a young person’s life

What influences young people to gamble? 

Ads and sports betting promotion help normalise gambling. But young people are mainly influenced by adults they know – most commonly parents.

Supporting children and young people

Are you worried how video games, gaming and gambling may be affecting your child? Find out how you can make a difference to a young person’s life.

Professional support for young people 

You can access online, over-the-phone and face-to-face resources to support under 25s and families dealing with gambling-related issues.

For free, confidential advice and support, call GambleAware on 1800 858 858 and arrange to talk to a counsellor near you.

GambleAware acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of the land and we pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging. GambleAware is an inclusive support service.
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