Why So Many People Think Gambling Is A Normal Part Of Life

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Why people gamble

Person looking at cards in casinoFor most Australians, gambling is just recreation, not much different to the games you played growing up.

Who doesn't enjoy winning a prize or praise, even if it doesn't happen every day? There's no question that it can be fun to gamble. It feels good to win, especially if friends are around, and there's excitement in taking a risk when there's even a small chance you'll get lucky. Most people know their limits. But some people develop a problem with gambling and can't walk away.

4 reasons why people love to gamble

It’s human nature to feel excited and positive when taking a risk. The anticipation alone creates a natural high, a rush of adrenalin. It’s what we look for in fun and entertainment.
People like to switch off from the everyday and be in a completely different world. Whether down at the club, by the track, at the casino or betting online, you can be surrounded by different people, different sounds and emotions.
Gambling is often presented as stylish, sexy and fashionable. In movies and on TV, characters at the casino are savvy and sophisticated. A day at the races – especially the Melbourne Cup – is an excuse for high fashion.
Card games, video games, amusement arcades – they’re all part of growing up. Online games often have gambling components. Lotto wins are big news. Gambling advertising is part of every sports event. Gambling feels very natural.

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