Gambling Help NSW is changing to GambleAware from 1 July 2021

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Gambling Help NSW is changing to GambleAware from 1 July 2021
16 June 2021

Gambling Help NSW is changing to GambleAware from 1 July 2021

Gambling Help’s transformation into GambleAware is much more than a rebrand of services funded by the Office of Responsible Gambling.  It is a redesign of how gambling information, education, support and treatment are delivered in NSW.

GambleAware has created an innovative stepped care model to deliver gambling support and treatment services across 10 regions aligned to NSW health districts.  Each region has a GambleAware Provider dedicated to delivering local services and providing support to everyone who needs it.

We have invested in digital technology to improve the service experience for people seeking help, and to provide more self-help options through apps and digital tools.

The new GambleAware website provides more information and will provide access to a greater range of support – from self-help to free peer-to-peer support to in-person and online counselling.

Later this year, people will be able to create a free online GambleAware account which will enable them to book a general or financial counselling session with a counsellor of their choice. They will be able to access more services in different ways – by video chat, online chat, email and over the phone, as well as in person.  They will have choices about where and how they access support, and when it suits them.

If your organisation promotes or refers people to gambling support services, please update your records and promotional material to GambleAware NSW.  The 1800 number stays the same. Below is a link to a fact sheet about the change.

Fact sheet – welcome to GambleAware in your region.
GambleAware acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of the land and we pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging. GambleAware is an inclusive support service.
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