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Research Plan 2023-2024

  RGF Research Plan 2023-2024

  This table details the full range of RGF funded research projects underway   in 2023-2024.






The Australian Secondary School Students Survey – NSW gambling research

The inclusion of gambling questions into the Australian Secondary School Alcohol and Drug Survey (ASSAD) administered to students NSW.

ASSAD is the most comprehensive survey of Australia secondary school students examining alcohol and drug use, as well as other health and psychological issues. This is a triennial national survey, with field work for the next survey scheduled for 2022.

The University of Newcastle

March 2022

June 2024

Early identification of gambling comorbidity in a hospital setting

A multi-stage, multi-site project in SWSLHD that includes a systematic review and empirical field research to determine the prevalence of gambling comorbidity among people presenting to hospital with substance use or psychiatric problems, as well as the awareness and openness of hospital staff to assess gambling comorbidity.

The University of Western Sydney

July 2019

March 2024

Evaluation of just-in-time intervention apps to reduce gambling harm, providing ‘in-the-moment’ support for gamblers

This research is designed to evaluate the first just-in-time interventions to reduce gambling harm for problem and at-risk gamblers. Two smartphone apps derived from evidence-based conceptual models have been developed and will now be evaluated with a 28-day micro-randomised trial (MRT), a 6-month within group follow-up, an evaluation of acceptability via post-intervention surveys, app usage and engagement indices, and in-depth interviews.

Deakin University

April 2022

April 2024

NSW Gambling Survey 2023

This research aims to assess and monitor the changing trends in gambling participation, gambling-related harm, emerging gambling technologies and the extent of diverse levels of problem gambling, as well as the demographic and geographic profile of gamblers. Gambling prevalence surveys have been undertaken in NSW since 1996, with the last prevalence survey conducted in 2019.




RGF contributes to Gambling Research Australia projects

Gambling Research Australia, with partial funding from the RGF, is currently researching direct and affiliate wagering marketing.

Central Queensland University

October 2022

April 2024

  New commitments to commence in 2023-2024



Research domain


EGM availability and incidents of domestic violence: spatio-econometric modelling

This research will provide geographic data and analysis about the relationship between EGM accessibility, use and domestic violence.

Measuring and understanding gambling prevalence and harm


Live Streaming Gambling

This research will provide foundational information on the live broadcasting of real-money gambling – who is the audience, why they watch, and what is the impact on their attitude towards gambling.

RGF Trust approved, pending ministerial approval.

Emerging technologies and new trends


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