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Gambling Research Capacity Grants

The objective of these grants was to improve the quality, diversity and impact of Australian gambling research by supporting talented and committed researchers.

Two types of grants were offered:

  • one PhD scholarship of up to $55,000 per year (comprising $45,000 stipend and $10,000 research costs) for 3 years per candidate, or pro-rata for part-scholarships

  • one post-doctoral fellowship up to $150,000 per year for 3 years per candidate. 

About PhD scholarships

We established PhD scholarships to support people involved in gambling research to achieve their proposed research goals and build their career in this important field.

About the post-doctoral fellowships

We established post-doctoral fellowships  to support early-career researchers to continue developing their skills and build their career in the field of gambling harm minimisation.

Meet the post-doctoral fellowship recipient

Deakin University

Family member treatment for gambling harm: Development and evaluation

Family members affected by the gambling of others experience substantial harms yet are under- represented in the treatment system. This project will develop and evaluate an online, self-directed intervention for family members (GAMBLINGLESS–FOR FAMILIES), with the aim of expanding low-intensity treatment options for family members.

Grant amount: $449,199

Meet the PhD Scholarship recipients

Monash University

Do "losses disguised as wins" in Australian pokies cause harm?

This project investigates a controversial feature of poker machine design feature known as losses disguised as wins. Methodologies from experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience will be used to consider how this feature may contribute to pokies-related harm, with a view to informing gambling public health initiatives and Australian pokies regulation.

Grant amount: $44,000

The University of Sydney

Supporting informed gambling choices in the age of digital transactions.

Technology is rapidly changing the ways people make payments and spend money, but what impacts do digital payment methods have on gambling and gambling-related harm? This project investigates how we can help people to make smart choices about their gambling expenditure in the age of digital transactions.

Grant amount: $159,000

Central Queensland University

Wellbeing in those affected by problem gamblers.

The research investigates how significantly gambling-related harms influence a concerned significant other’s global wellbeing, and how these impacts may differ across different relationships to the problem gambler (e.g., partner, child, etc.), and across wellbeing domains (e.g., relational, health, etc.). Secondary data analysis and primary data collection will be undertaken.

Grant amount: $78,606

Queensland University of Technology

In it to win it: interdisciplinary investigation of sports betting.

The project aims to better understand how young adults use, communicate about and experience smartphone sports betting applications. This will be achieved through social practice theory and ethnography to examine how the use of sports betting apps is becoming established as an everyday social practice

Grant amount: $59,400

University of Adelaide

The effects of gambling advertisements on young people.

This project is concerned with studying the effects of gambling advertisements on young people's perceptions of gambling and their gambling-related decision making.

Grant amount: $165,000


Interested in funding or a grant for a project of your own? 

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