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Prevention, Innovation and Technology Grants

Through Prevention, Innovation and Technology Grants, we offer funding for one-off, unique projects in the areas of technology, prevention and harm minimisation. 

We’re always looking for projects undertaken by experts from a variety of disciplines to find innovative ways to leverage technology and deliver responsible gambling education, services and outcomes more effectively.

About Responsible Gambling Grants

In January 2019 the Office of Responsible Gambling opened two grants programs:

  • Prevention, Innovation & Technology Grants (the grants on this page)
  • Research Grants‌.

Up to $2.5 million from the Responsible Gambling Fund was made available in that year for innovative projects that prevent and reduce gambling harm in communities across NSW.

Idea starters for you

  • Develop products that can be used by consumers, such as apps or online tools that help them make informed choices.
  • Use immersive technology and virtual reality to develop materials that can be used in schools to deliver education and awareness, or demonstrate responsible gambling practices.
  • Deliver gambling harm minimisation messaging in innovative ways.
  • Integrate existing tools and triage systems in health and welfare settings to include or enhance gambling screening.
  • Increase quality interactions between gambling venue staff members and customers in the domains of harm minimisation, referral to gambling help, and education and awareness.

How to make a submission

Right now, no formal submission rounds are scheduled, but don’t let that stop you. Out-of-round submissions are welcome. We want to hear your proposal, especially if there’s a timing or business imperative.

For us to accept your submission and consider it for funding, make sure your proposal addresses these criteria in addition to the eligibility criteria in the submission guide:

  • evidence of a new opportunity the project will capitalise on or the timeliness of an issue the project aims to address.
  • the impact of opportunity loss and increased risks to success if the proposal was delayed to the next available funding round.
  • the project is unique and based on genuinely innovative ideas that are unlikely to be replicated elsewhere.

The submission guide for the Prevention, Innovation and Technology Grants  spells out the other expectations for your submission.

Meet the 2019 recipients

New courses providing education and research on responsible gambling, preventing, and reducing harm

Deakin University received funding from the Responsible Gambling Fund Trust to develop two new online prevention courses addressing public health approaches to preventing gambling harm in NSW and understanding gambling harm in NSW.

Course 1 – Public course

Understanding gambling harm in NSW is designed to provide a practice-driven approach to understanding and managing the risks and harm associated with gambling.

Course 2 – Professional course

Public health approaches to preventing gambling harm in NSW is designed for practitioners to educate on the risks and harms associated with gambling, the significance of gambling as a public health issue and ways to manage the impact of gambling at an individual and community level.

Find out more information below.

Addressing gambling harms experienced by female, concerned significant others

This project will investigate the extent and type of gambling harm partners of people with gambling problems experience and assess their service needs. The aim is to develop an evidence-based digital infographic for support network use. The primary outcome being to attract female clients to engage with relevant services.

Grant amount: $43,508

Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic Website development and evaluation for self-directed multiple gaming venue self-exclusion

Self-exclusion can help individuals restrict their access to gambling, however, relatively few problem gamblers utilise this tool. The project will develop and evaluate a website that will enable gamblers to self-exclude from multiple gambling venues. Online self-enrolment is expected to enhance self-exclusion uptake and subsequently reduce gambling-related harms.

Grant amount: $176,464

Animation series educating young people on responsible gambling

This project delivers a suite of animations aimed to increase awareness and understanding of young people, enabling them to make informed choices around gambling participation and the associated risks and harms. The project’s co-design process involves students in the target demographic to design animations that will be relevant and effective.

Grant amount: $99,315

Virtual Assistant (Chatbot): Facilitating Screening, Responsible Gambling Messaging, and Referral

This project aims to improve the accessibility of the existing content available on the NSW Gambling Help (GambleAware) website. It will create an engaging multiparty software platform and virtual assistant (chatbot) to provide contextualised question-answering, interactive screening, personalised responsible gambling messaging, and facilitated referral for gamblers and their families and friends.

Grant amount: $110,000

Interested in funding or a grant for a project of your own? 

Contact us to find out about current funding opportunities. Email or call 02 9995 0992.

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