How To Spot Signs Of Gambling Issues In The Classroom

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Signs that a young person may be gambling

Because you see young people in an environment away from their home, you may be able to spot clues to gambling issues that even their family can’t see.

There are lots of reasons why kids and young people may gamble. They might include:

being social in their friendship groups, particularly if they include older peers.
easing boredom or reduce anxiety and loneliness.
escaping from the stress of study.
believing it’s an easy way to make money.

Things to watch out for in the classroom and youth activities

If the young person:

has had a drop in their grades
is absent more frequently
is consistently getting into trouble
shows signs of anxiety and depression
talks about dropping out of school
talks about having trouble at home
says they feel alienated from friends and family
is isolating from their friends and family
asks friends for money
spends a lot of time gaming
appears to be stealing money to gamble with
...........then it’s possible that they need your support.

Won't they ask for help if they need it?

Often students won’t ask for help from a school counsellor when it comes to gambling. There are a few reasons:

They may not realise help is available.
They may not believe they have a problem.
They feel there’s a stigma attached to seeking support .
They’re afraid there’ll be a black mark against their name.
They’re worried about other people finding out – including their family.
Because of the stigma around gambling, they may not feel comfortable asking for help directly from a counsellor.
However, they may have a trust-based relationship with you, or another teacher or staff member, who can point them in the right direction. This is why you may need to actively refer them or encourage them to take the first step.

What help is available?

You can refer the young person you’re concerned about to online, over-the-phone and face-to-face resources that specifically support under 25s and families dealing with gambling-related issues. You can reassure them that all these services are confidential.

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