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How your bank can help

Many banks support customers who want to manage their gambling. Just ask.  

Your bank might let you place restrictions on your spending or blocks on using your credit cards. They may even provide hardship assistance.  

Get credit cards with built-in gambling limits or blocks 

Many people use credit cards to gamble online. However, some banks don’t allow the credit cards they issue to be used for online gambling, or they place a limit on online gambling. Transactions the bank identifies as “gambling” may be declined if you have one of these cards. 

If you want a credit card with a built-in online gambling limit, or to switch to a card that doesn’t allow gambling at all, ask your bank what it offers. You might need to shop around. Some banks provide more options than others.

Set voluntary limits or blocks 

Ask your bank to block your existing cards from being used for gambling. You can apply blocks to most transactions on gambling websites, as well as money transfers and over-the-counter payments.  

You can set a time delay on removing any blocks, so you can’t make a snap decision you’ll regret later. 

You can also ask for a block or limit on your credit card to cap the amount of cash you can withdraw in a specified time. 

Track your spending 

Many banks have mobile apps that may allow you to set up alerts and messages so that you always know how much you’re spending. 

Explore other ways your bank can support you

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, they may even be able to: 

  • freeze loans in exceptional circumstances, such as after a natural disaster 
  • defer or reduce loan repayments 
  • restructure and consolidate loans 
  • alter loan repayments to interest only
  • change limits on lines of credit, including your credit card 
  • waive specific fees, charges or penalties. 

Make the call 

Contact your bank’s Customer Support or Customer Care team. They’ll talk you through your options, and let you know how they can help.

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