Memorable Historic Gambling Awareness Campaigns In NSW

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Our past campaigns

Over the years, we’ve funded campaigns to help NSW residents become more gamble aware and help them seek support if they have issues with gambling.

How many do you remember?

“Betiquette” was designed to address the normalisation of sports betting and the risk of male sports bettors experiencing harm. We wanted to empower young men to remain in control when betting on sports by showing some “betiquette” – a mix of good old-fashioned etiquette and responsible betting. 

It was an innovative campaign that used relatable scenarios to demonstrate the risks of betting and how to make safer decisions and avoid gambling harm. The campaign acknowledged the importance of speaking to the target audience in ‘their own language’ (as wagering operators do). The creative contrasted the virtual nature of online betting with an old-world feel reflecting a time when men had a strong sense of etiquette in all aspects of life.

“Betiquette” was in market between 2017 and 2022. 

Check in with the Checkmates was an interactive digital platform launched in for the “check in” theme of GambleAware Week 2019. Four characters – Buck, Skip, Betty and Moby – showed how to recognise and understand risky gambling behaviour, and shared information on practical ways to keep gambling under control and seek help if needed. They even let you test your ability to beat the odds with a game of Bet and Bust.

In the spirit of 2020, the Checkmates responded to COVID-19. With fewer face-to-face meetings and more online interactions, they showed how important it was to go behind the screen and see how mates were really doing. They even hosted an online event. Checkmate Trivia was designed to build engagement and participation without physical events.

Check in with the Checkmates and see how the odds really stack up. 

“Talkward” was a social media campaign in 2016 that encouraged people with gambling-related issues – and their family and friends – to face up, support each other, and share knowledge about free, confidential support and resources available in NSW.

It gave people tools to create e-cards and email friends and family, starting a conversation about their own gambling, or raising a concern about someone close to them.

In 2016, we produced a series of inspirational videos called “Strength in Numbers”, which told the stories of people who have been affected by gambling.

An oldie but a goodie. The multicultural campaign “What’s Gambling Really Costing You?” won recognition at the National Multicultural Marketing Awards in 2012 with Best Government Project Award. It was produced in 6 languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian and Arabic.

“Gambling Hangover” ran for 2 years from 2008, targeting men from 18 to 25 who suffered morning-after remorse after gambling. The 3 main symptoms? A sick feeling, anxiety and regrets, and not liking yourself.

Ads were in train stations, on buses, on morning radio and in morning newspapers. Men were urged to visit the website, text to find out more, or call the helpline if they recognised the symptoms.
Responses to the helpline and in follow-up research showed the term “Gambling hangover” had moved into common use, and campaign recall was 50%.

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