Reclaim the Game Sports Betting Awareness Campaign

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About Reclaim the Game

About Reclaim the Game


Launched in late 2020, Reclaim the Game is an awareness initiative to challenge the normalisation of sports betting and advertising. The initiative encourages fans to enjoy sport for what it is by challenging the idea that betting is a normal part of watching sport.

Reclaim the Game partners help convey this message by reducing and removing sports betting advertising from their home games, while also educating fans, players and staff about the risks associated with gambling.

Our current Reclaim the Game partners span across five sporting codes including AFL, A-League, Cricket, NBL and NRL. Our partners include:

Why is Reclaim the Game important?

Online sports betting is on the rise. In NSW, one in 20 adults bet on sports, with the number of people participating in online sports betting doubling since 2011.1 There is also growing community concern that children and young people are being exposed to too much gambling advertising and that the promotion of sports betting is leading them to view betting as a normal part of watching sport. Research shows that almost 50 per cent of 12–17-year-olds saw gambling advertising on television during sports and racing events on a weekly basis and almost 1 in 3 young people considered betting on sports to be normal.2

Reclaim the Game is about getting back to what sport is all about. Watching, enjoying, and cheering on your team, without the distraction of betting and betting advertising.


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